As a buyer, you can count on Anthem to provide quality merchandise and a fun, ethical, and convenient auction experience.


Anthem offers a seamless bidding system whether you are able to attend an auction and bid onsite, or you need to bid remotely from the convenience of a computer. You can have confidence in Anthem’s organized and simple-to-use absentee and Internet pre-bidding systems.


You can rely on detailed descriptions and high quality photography, whether browsing the online catalog or by examining items onsite during preview day. If you have additional questions regarding information on a specific lot not listed in the catalog description, please submit an inquiry to or give us a call at 402-680-3371.


After an auction, you as a winning bidder must pick up purchased items at the location of the auction within 48 hours of the sale or have items shipped by a third-party shipping or freight company of your choice.



Bidding on site is simple and easy. We invite you to attend a live auction or preview day to carefully inspect catalog items you are interested in acquiring. An auction's preview day is held the day before the auction from 9am-7pm.

To register as a bidder at a live auction, we require a valid, government-issued photo ID and a method of payment. We accept cash, Visa, and Mastercard. We accept checks that are accompanied by a Bank Letter of Credit guaranteeing the payment of funds to Anthem Auction & Appraisal, LLC. Be sure to read the complete Terms & Conditions.



Our auctions are made available live on Registering online is as simple as doing so in person:


1. Create your online profile and register for the auction.

2. Browse the catalog and keep track of items of interest.

3. Log on and bid live!


Note: When you visit, you are leaving Anthem Auction & Appraisal, LLC’s Website. Information shared with Proxibid is on a separate platform, beyond the control of Anthem Auction & Appraisal, LLC.



Found the item you want, need, or love but can’t attend the sale? Anthem makes it quick and easy, even when you can’t participate live. Just download our Absentee Bid Form and email it to at your convenience.




Bidding at an auction is much like playing a game--there are competitors, spectators, a referee, and of course, winners and losers. Whether you’re a seasoned, professional buyer or just attending your first auction, bidding at an auction is a fun opportunity to win.


Once you have browsed the auction catalog online and selected the lots or items in which you’re interested, you’re ready to register for the sale. Be sure to read the complete Terms & Conditions.


Eye contact is a crucial aspect of bidding in person at an auction. When you’re interested in the item being auctioned, catch the auctioneer’s attention by yelling “Yes!,” or “Yep” or by raising your bidder card when you’re happy to pay the asking price. Stay positioned where he/she can easily see you in the crowd.


Maintaining a connection with the auctioneer and giving clear, decisive bids ensures a smooth bidding experience. Once the auctioneer is aware of your interest in an item, you’ll quickly be able to bid with a simple nod or any other clear gesture for bidding.


Timing is another important factor with regard to successful bidding. If the lot is a “must-have” item on your list, connect with the auctioneer early during the bidding so the auctioneer can acknowledge and accept your bids. When you feel “iffy” about an item, wait for the bidding to begin in order to gauge activity, and bid only when the item is offered at a price you feel comfortable paying.


Familiarizing yourself with the catalog in advance and making a list of items you’d like to purchase, as well as keeping track of your budget for each item is strongly recommended. When you’ve done a bit of homework, it’s easy to make quick decisions about what you’re willing to pay for an item of interest.


Above all, enjoy the sale! Auctions are fast-paced and almost musical, and anybody can bid and have a good time. Auctions are arguably the most traditional way of buying and selling goods dating back two and a half millennia. Anthem uses the English Auction Method, also known as the ascending bid method, which is the most commonly used auction method in the world today.